colored elastic laces here are some tips - mini LACCI

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Here are some frequently asked questions that we usually put our customers first purchase:
The miniLACCI are suitable for any shoe?
The miniLACCI are suitable for all those shoes equipped with a hole for the laces of a minimum diameter of 3mm and a maximum distance between the two holes 9cm.
A pack of miniLACCI ė enough for a pair of shoes?
Each bag contains 12 pieces of media each shoe has six rows of holes then just one packet, unless you want to play on more colors.
The miniLACCI are of different length of?
No, they are all the same length.
The miniLACCI are suitable for children's shoes?
Yes, it is good for children's shoes.
How to apply miniLACCI?
The demonstration in this link click here

In the case in which the two row of holes are so close together (especially in shoes children) how can you do?
There are two solutions:
- You can put the strings diagonally, thus increasing the distance narrows more the shoe.
- You can pass for a 3-hole single snare.
Here's an example in this link click here

The miniLACCI can be washed?
Yes, they can be washed in the washing machine just does not exceed 60 ° C.

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